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Achai Cattle

A small-sized breed found in KPK province. The hometract of Achai animals extends on the west to adjoining parts of Afghanistan and on the east to hilly tract of northwestern Punjab.

Physical Characteristics:

  • Predominant colour is reddish brown with white face.

  • Animals of all reddish brown colour with or without white (or spotted) head are also seen. White spots may be seen on the udder, underline, and the legs. Colour of muzzle varies from white to light or dark brown.

  • In females, horns are small and thin, resembling hooks with variable curls and directions, while in males, horns are large, directed upward and forward.

  • The eyes are sharp and bright.

  • Neck is short, especially in males.

  • Switch of tail is generally white, but reddish brown colour is also seen.

  • Tail extends down well below the hock joint with a fluffy switch.

  • The dewlap is quite voluminous in male but less in females.

  • Hump is well developed in male but less in female.

  • Proportionate to body size, the udder is adequately developed with a daily yield of about 4 litres

  • Achai cows can be milked many times a day.

  • Testicles are proportionate to body size.

  • The sheath is fairly tight.

  • Males are reasonably agile and are used for light draft work.

  • Well-fed males serve as good beef animals, especially for sacrificial purposes.

  • Docility is one of the recognized characteristics of Achai animals, even children can comfortably handle them.

  • They are an asset for hilly terrain of the KPK province under resource limited subsistence production set up.

Achai Cattle - Male    Achai Cattle - Female


Achai Male


Achai Female



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