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It is a disease of soft tissues, lymph node, and skin of oral or nasal region. Mostly infection is on the tongue especially pharyngeal lymph nodes are involved. Tongue becomes hard painful so also called as wooden tongue.

Actinobacillus lignieressi is involved. It is normal inhabitant of nasal mucosa and oral cavity. In any trauma of mucous membrane, this organism enters the body of animal through nasal or oral mucosa. Rough fodder feeding may lead to trauma of oral cavity.

Clinical Findings:

  • Severe inflammation of tongue

  • Hyper salivation

  • Anorexia

  • Gentle chewing of tongue

  • Hard swollen tongue particularly at the base

  • Neck may be swollen

  • Nodule and ulcer formation on lateral side of tongue.

  • Nodules are replaced by fibrosis of tongue so it will be shrunken and immobilized leading to permanent disorder

  • Parotid and submaxillary lymph nodes will be swollen

  • Lymph nodes rupture and pus comes out. This pus does not have smell

  • Diameter of lesion is 8 cm (too large than tennis ball)

Decide those antibodies which should penetrate otherwise use iodine. Sodium iodide or potassium iodide will kill pus. Potassium iodide is given through oral rout 10g daily for 10 days in large animals. Sodium iodide at rate of 1 g/12 Kg of body weight as 10 % solution though intravascularly is administered. In pregnant animals sodium iodide may cause abortion. Sodium iodide should be given in 2 doses. Repeat same dose after 10-14 days. If this condition persists it could be given for 4-5 days.

Antibiotics like sulfonamide can be given for 3-5 days. Penicillin and streptomycin (5g streptomycin + 40 lac penicillin) may be given which may help in quick response. Inject 5 gram streptomycin directly into the abscess. It may help in quick healing of animals.


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