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Calf Housing

Till weaning or until calves attain a body weight of about 90 kg, they should preferably be kept in individual pens. These pens may also be moveable.  These pens should have following dimensions:

  • 1.5 meter length

  • 1 meter width

  • 1 meter height

Floor of pen should be 9 inches higher from floor of barn. These pens must be provided with one bucket for feeding, one bucket for watering and one bucket or bottle with nipple for feeding milking. Floor of calf pens should be made of wooden pieces with little space among them for drainage.




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calf cage  calf pen

calf cages

After weaning calves are shifting to groups of 6 animals. After the age of 6 months the number of animals in each group may be 15-20. For these groups of animals each animal should be provided 30-40 square feet per head. These houses should be clean and dry with 24 hours availability of water and feed. To keep house dry use bedding of wheat straw. In such houses walking/exercising area should also be provided.


calf housing after weaning  housing of calf after weaning


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