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Copper Deficiency

It plays important role in metabolism of plant, animals and humans. It is one of the important trace elements for the natural resistance to diseases and fertility in dairy animals. It is part of hemoglobin and used in its formation. It has significant role in iron metabolism, cross linking of connective tissue, pigmentation and characterization of hair and wool, CNS and other metabolic function. Copper deficiency in buffalo is a complicated process because it can result from very low copper in diet that is the primary copper deficiency or interference with absorption of copper due to high quantity of sulphate and molybdenum.

Clinical Signs:
The most commonly observed results of copper deficiency in cattle and buffalo are:

  • Diarrhea

  • Poor weight gain particularly in young one diarrhea will be seen

  • Growth is severely affected 

  • Non infectious leukoderma also occurs due to deficiency of copper in which there is depigmentation of the skin mainly on back, face, abdomen, and hind limbs

  • Broken bones

  • Infertility

  • Anemia

  • Copper deficiency lowers immune response and makes animal more susceptible to disease. It may affect the tissue damage resulting from infectious disease. Reproductive problem is commonly observed in animals fed on copper deficient diet. Anemia, hemorrhage, and mortality of embryo is caused by defect in RBC and connective tissue formation in early embryonic development.

Trace element status of copper is determined by its concentration in liver because most of the copper in body is stored in liver but at farm level it is determined from serum. Liver is authentic but difficult. If below 0.5 part per million in serum, it is diagnosis of Cu deficiency. It is late diagnosis. Liver diagnosis is early.

Copper should be supplemented in feed


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