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Cow Pox

It is caused by Orthopox virus belonging to family Poxviridae. Orhtopox viruses are antigenically similar.

Occurrence and Transmission:
Spread of this virus from animal to animal is by direct or indirect contact: milker’s hands or infected milking teat cups. Similarly infection travel from one herd to another by carrier or infected animals. It is also transmitted by ticks, flies, and mites. It comes from one herd to other by milkers and gwalas.


Clinical Findings:

  • Severe itching

  • Pain in scab stage

  • Lesions are particular on teat specially near orifice. These lesions disappear after two weeks normally but on teat may be upto 1 month or more due to milking. So wounds on teats take more time to heal.

  • Suckling calves may develop lesions in oral cavity and mouth.

  • In bulls lesions may present on scrotum.

  • Milk production decreases

  • Dullness and depression

It is based on clinical picture. Whenever formation of scar, central depression in the lesion is present. Star coating appearance of scar on skin of cattle.


  • As it is a viral disease, there is no specific treatment. Palliative and supportive treatment should be undertaken along the following lines:  

  • Prompt segregation of affected and apparently unaffected animals

  • Washing of affected body areas with 0.5% solution of an iodophor followed by local application of 5% salicylic acid-glycerine paste for 5-7 days.

  • Administration of long acting oxytetracycline


  • Use of contaminated washing cloth should be avoided

  • Milker hand should be washed before every milking

  • Milk the affected animals at last

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