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Feed Resources

There are two types of feed resources; conventional feed resources and non conventional feed resources.

Conventional Feed Resources:
Conventional feed resources refer to those which are traditionally used for animal feeding. In Pakistan conventional feed resources include roughages and


concentrates. Roughages are further classified as green roughages and dry roughages. 


  barseem  hay

Matra Asia Fodder Seeds - Rhods Grass, Rye Grass, Alfalfa, Lucern, Pakistan Fodders

Non conventional feed resources:
Non conventional feed resources are those which are not traditionally used for animal feeding but have the potential to be used as feed. Non conventional feed resources include different agro industrial by products and wastes for example by products of the sugar industry, food and fruit processing industry and cereal industry. Urea and diammonium phosphate and other nonprotein nitrogen sources are also the examples of non conventional feed resources.  

Matra Asia Wanda Dairy Feed

Dairy Lac Wanda for Cow Buffalo and Meat

livestock vaccines cow buffalo

urea  dap



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