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Housing of animal is the most important factor in dairy farming. A good housing leads to good management practices and ultimately optimum production. The housing of dairy animals depends upon:

  • Number of animals

  • Type of breed of animals

  • Local environmental conditions

  • Finances available

  • Facilities to be provided 

Some general considerations which must be considered for housing are:

  • It should be less expensive

  • It should be well ventilated

  • It should protect from extreme environmental conditions

  • It should have maximum sun exposure

  • Its axis of length should be east to west

  • It should remain dry

  • Its environment should be hygienic

  • There should be availability of feed and water for 24 hours

  • It should have adequate provision to reduce the heat gain by the animals and promote the heat loss to avoid heat stress during summer season.

  • It should be so planed that future expansion may be possible if required

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For housing it should also be considered that animals should have five types of freedoms: 

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  • Freedom from hunger and thirst

  • Freedom from discomfort

  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease

  • Freedom to express normal behavior

  • Freedom from fear and distress 

 Different types of housing of dairy animals are:

  • Free stall 

  • Tie Stall

  • Loose Housing system

Among these, free stall is the only recommended type of housing for successful dairy farming.


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