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General Principles in Feeding

  • The ration of the animal should be well balanced and feeding trough/table should never be emptied.

  • The feed material should contain  greens roughages and concentrates so that the animal may get all the essential nutrients

  • Avoid sudden change in diet because it upsets the whole GIT resulting in indigestion and reduction in milk yield

  • The feed requirement of animal is calculated on dry matter basis. On average dairy animals consume 3 to 4 Kg dry matter per 100Kg body weight

  • Of the total dry matter requirement of the animal, two thirds should be met by roughages

  • To avoid mineral deficiency in the body, the animal should be offered to 70 to 100 g mineral mixture daily. A piece of common salt should also be placed in manger.  

  • The animal should be fed according to their body need. Feeding less or more are both detrimental to animal health or production

  • Feeding troughs should be cleaned regularly

  • The animals should get ad labium clean fresh supply of drinking waster

  • For milk production the animal should be given at least 1Kg concentrate mixture per 2 litres milk yield


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