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Red Sindhi Cattle

The Red Sindhi breed originates from a mountainous region called `Mahal Kohistan', spread over parts of Karachi, Thattha and Dadu districts in Sindh. The hometract of this breed extends to the irrigated areas of Hyderabad (Sindh) and the arid plains of Lasbella district in Balochistan.

Physical Characteristics:

  • This is a medium-sized breed with a compact build and red body colour.

  • The Lasbella strain is comparatively darker, and the colour of the bull is likely to be darker at the shoulders.

  • It has a large head with an occasional bulge in the forehead.

  • Horns are thick and stumpy in males but thin in females.

  • Ears are fine and small.

  • The hump is well‑developed in males.

  • The dewlap is moderate in both sexes.

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  • The sheath is pendulous in males, but nominal in females.

  • Hind quarters are round and drooping

  • Tail switch is black

  • Udder is medium to large and strong.

  • Red Sindhi animals are hardy and adapt very well to stressful environments.

  • Milk yield per lactation varies from 1200 to 2000 litres

  • Adult males weigh 400-500 kg, while females weigh 300-350 kg.

  • Average lactation length is 265 days

  • Age at first calving is 45 months

  • Service period is 210 days

  • Dry period is 230 days

  • Calving interval is 495 days

  • Gestation period is 288 days

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Red Sindhi Male


Red Sindhi Female



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