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Selection of Site for Dairy Farm

The following important factors must be considered for the selection of site for a dairy farm:

  • A dairy building should be at a higher elevation than the surrounding ground to offer a good slope for rainfall and drainage for the wastes of the dairy to avoid stagnation within.

  • Soil should be fertile as it is required for fodder cultivation

  • For selection it should also be kept in mind that dairy building should have maximum exposure to the sun and it should be protected from prevailing strong wind currents whether hot or cold.  

Dairy Lac Wanda for Cow Buffalo and Meat

  • Easy accessibility to the buildings is always desirable. So the building of dairy farm should be located near all-weathered road

  • There should be abundant supply of fresh, clean and soft water.

  • Areas infested with wild animals and dacoits should be avoided. Narrow gates, high manager curbs, and loose hinges, protruding nails, smooth finished floor in the areas where the cows move and other such hazards should be eliminated.

  • Dairy buildings should only be in those areas from where the owner can sell his products profitably and regularly. He should be in a position to satisfy the needs of the farm within no time and at a reasonable price.

  • There should be regular supply of electricity.

land selection for dairy farm


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