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It denotes the state of complete sexual inactivity, so no manifestation of oestrous. It is not a disease but manifestation of various conditions or sign of variety of conditions may be pathological or physiological e.g. in pregnancy.

There are two types of anoestrus:

Physiological Anoestrous:

  • Pregnancy

  • Non breeding season

  • Puerperal anoestrus

  • Nutritional anoestrous

  • Lactational anoestrous particularly high yielder animals

Pathological Anoestrus:

  • Luteal cyst

  • Mummification

  • Pyometra

  • Cystic ovary

  • Maceration Freemartin

  • Hypoplastic ovaries

Reported and True Anoestrous:
Anoestrus may be true anoestrous or reported anoestrous. If owner or attendant reports that his animal is not coming in oestrous, it is reported anoestrous.

Presence of corpus luteum indicates functional ovaries but if no corpus luteum present then it indicates non-cyclicity of animal. Based on this we will declare the true anoestrous or reported anoestrous.

The ovaries on which there is no corpus luteum are called as plain ovaries, non cyclic ovaries and animal is called as non cyclic or in true anoestrous.

Treatment of Reported Anoestrus:
If there is corpus luteum, give PGf2α; animal will come in heat after three days. Improve the detection method. Based on ovarian picture tell the owner that your animal will come on estrus on tentative date.

Treatment of True Anoestrous:
Give GnRH or FSH or PMSG which promotes the growth and maturation of follicles. Whenever there is failure of follicular development that will lead to anoestrus.



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