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Before understanding the management of dairy animals we should understand their production Cycle.

Production Cycle of Dairy Animals:
After the birth of female calf, it is reared until it reaches the age of maturity (age of maturity should be 13-15 months in ideal condition; may vary from breed to breed). At this age this heifer is inseminated and becomes pregnant. This pregnant animal spends its first gestation period and
normally calves after 9 months (age of first calving should be 22-24 months in ideal condition; may vary from breed to breed). After first calving, animal starts producing milk which is first lactation of animal.

To maintain production cycle, animal is again inseminated two months after first calving. This animal becomes pregnant but continues producing milk (first lactation). Milking of first lactation is stopped two months before next calving. This period of two months in which animal does not produce milk is called dry period.   


After calving animal enters into its second lactation and starts producing milk. This animals is again inseminated after two months of calving. In this way production cycle continues.

The duration between the birth of two calves is called calving interval.

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