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Sahiwal Cattle

Sahiwal cattle lives in parts of districts Sahiwal, Okara, Pakpattan, Multan, and Faisalabad in Punjab. The breed is named after Sahiwal district, which is part of its hometract.

Physical Characteristics:

  • This breed is medium-sized, and has a fleshy body.

  • Females have reddish dun colour; males may have a darker colour around the orbit, neck, and hindquarters.

  • Males have stumpy horns; females are often dehorned.

  • Ears are medium-sized and drooping.

  • Skin is loose and fine with a voluminous dewlap and sheath.

  • The hump in the male is massive, but in the female it is nominal.

  • The tail ends in a black switch.

  • The udder is large and strong and occasionally has white patches.

  • This is tick resistant breed because its skin naturally keeps on shivering  

  • Milk yield is 1500-2200 litres per lactation with a fat content of 4.5 %.

  • Adult males weigh 400-500 kg, while females weigh 300 to 350 kg. Males having body weight of more than 1000 kg have also been documented.

  • Average lactation length is 235 days

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  • Age at first calving is 45 months

  • Service period is 155 days

  • Dry period is 205 days

  • Calving interval is 440 days

  • Gestation period is 285 days

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  • Sahiwals are in great demand in several Asian and African countries. They have also been exported to Australia.

 sahiwal male - Red gold of Pakistan sahiwal cow - Red gold of Pakistan


Sahiwal Male


Sahiwal Female


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