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Infectious Bovine Rhinotraheitis (IBR)

BHV-1 (Bovine Herpes virus-1). This virus causes acute respiratory problem. So there will be conjuctivitis and sever respiratory distress. There are two major types of disease; respiratory type and genital type. Genital type is known as IPV (infectious pustular vulvovaginitis)

Transmission is through coitus but it can also occur by contaminated feed and bedding, licking of genital parts, semen as carrier.


  • After coitus symptoms will appear within 24-48 hours.

  • There will be severe vaginal congestion and swelling of vulvular lips.

  • There will formation of red vesicles on vagina from vulva to cervix.

  • Vaginal exudates also contain fresh blood.

  • When lesions in genial tract, examination with glass speculum to see the deep lesions.

  • Infected semen affects uterus, vagina, cervix and leads to embryonic death.

  • Genital type is responsible for bacterial necrotizing oophritis (both ovaries will be inflamed having necrotic focci). It will lead to poor quality corpus luteum as a result the level of progesterone produced will be less (in early pregnancy only corpus luteum produce progesterone). So it will act as associated cause of abortion along with the infection.

  • Abortion may occur form 4th month to term.

  • Viremia will develop in 2-5 days. It also depends upon the health status of animal.

Diagnosis is carried out by signs and symptoms, serum for isolation of organism, vaginal swab, and uterine swab. Take vaginal swab by Tempon method. Take a long thin stick of 1.5 feet, with cotton bandage at upper part. It is rubbed in uterus and sample is collected and then transferred to VTM (Virus transport medium) immediately. Tempon is usually used in mare but can also be used in cow.

Vaccination in pregnant animal it should be killed vaccine. Live attenuated vaccine should be used in non pregnant animal. This vaccination is recommended in replacement heifer at 6 month of age, second at the time of service and third at 4-5 month of gestation.



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