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It is formally known as vibriosis. Its causative agent is Chlostridium fetus or Vibrio fetus. It is venereal disease transmitted through coitus. Bull is carrier. Even organism can be localized for years in reproductive tract and transmitted through sex. Incidence has reduced from 40-50 % to 5-6 % due to AI.

When we introduce a new bull all tests should be performed. Screening is carried out for selection or bull. Extender antibiotics are added in semen.

Bull can be carrier without showing sexual lesions. It does not affect libido and spermeogram. All semen quality parameters are normal. It is localized in glance penis, in prepuce and in distal part of urethra. Even after localization there are no lesions. But sometime it may lead to Balonoposthitis. So by coitus it is shifted to female reproductive tract. In vagina it causes vaginitis, in cervix cervicitis and in uterus endometritis. Persistent infection can lead to salpangitis (inflammation of fallopian tube).

In endometrium it will cause mild endometritis and there will be accumulation of lymphytes around the uterine horn or periglandular space which will produce muco-purulent discharge. Usually this organism does not hinder with fertilization. There may be normal fertilization. But it definitely hinders the nidation or attachment of embryo.

If it causes the early embryonic death before maternal recognition of pregnancy, there will be no effect on estrus cycle. If it occurs after maternal recognition then estrus cycle will be prolonged. If hinders at day 16, estrus cycle will be prolonged.

Abortion occurs from 4-7 month. In uterus it causes placnetitis and there will be deficiency of nutrition and death occurs.

It may lead to retention of fetal membrane and resemblance will be brucellosis due to leathery placenta.

There is possibility of self cure. So give sexual rest.

Identification of organism from male. It can be identified by pre-prucial washing. There will be specific treatment for collection. Give epidural 3-4 cc. Media for washing is PBS (phosphate buffer saline) at pH 7.2. Ringer lactate is also used. 50-100 ml medium is taken in syringe and infused in urethra. Then close urethral opening and shake the prepuce. After 5-10 minutes this whole is collected in beaker. Series of cultures are required.

Serological Test:
SAT (for this aborted fetus is required)

VMAT (vaginal mucous agglutinating test). Preferably collect diestrus mucous because estrus mucous interfere agglutination due to having high quantity of hormones and minerals.

Selection of immunoglobulin specially IgA. It is detected by ELISA.




  • Possibility of self cure.

  • If shift program from natural to AI, within 4-6 months all animals will become normal.

  • Dihydrostreptomycin 22 mg/Kg subcutaneously.

  • In infected male use prepuceal washing. Add penicillin in PBS or ringer lactate. Apply ointment having antibiotics and corticosteroids at prepuceal cavity and penis. After giving epidural anesthesia wait for 10 minutes, penis will come out. Now apply ointment

  • Give rest to carrier animals.


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